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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Presented for your amusement

Apparently the U.S. Army recently commissioned a study of Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel, trying to evaluate both school success and post-trauma issues.

The study came back with the following evaluation of EOD Techs across the services as a generalization:

"Functioning sociopaths with latent homosexual tendencies."

and yes, I am quoting. :D


randompawses said...

What morons. "Latent homosexual tendencies" - really?!? Seems pretty damn normal for me for someone to like to see things go BOOM!

wv: "pityroar" = What those so-called "experts" are doing because they're jealous of those who do get to blow things up.

Daddy Hawk said...

In my experience, "functioning sociopath" applies to 90% of the population. The other part, I got no clue. Nothing. Perhaps playing with ticking time bombs is a metaphor for their latent homosexuality?

Community RN said...


what the heck does homosexuality have to do with ANYTHING? and who the fuck cars anymore *rolls eyes*


TOTWTYTR said...

Well "Captain Tightpants" might, just might, mind you, tend to play into that characterization. ;)

Like most "studies" by people in the soft sciences, it says more about the people doing the study than the subjects thereof.

Josh Kruschke said...

This reminds me of a study I was shown about fire fighters done by the Navy (Never Again Volunteer Yourself) as I was a Navy Fire Fighter and they thought it would help?
If I remember correctly the finding where like 85% of all Fire Fighters where pyromaniacs, 10% suffered from Arsonphobia and 5% where normal. I was like WTF.
it all made sence when you looked at the definitions and the questions asked.

Pyromaniac - Anyone exhibiting a lack of fear and an unhealthy fascination with fire.
So if they asked you do you fear going into a burning room, and you answered no not really it's part of the job. They would put a check mark by Pyro. If they asked you a question like, what do you think of fire and you said it's the beautiful beast its kind of pretty inthat mistical mesmerising kind of way. a nother check by pyro.

Now on to Arsonphobia- Fear of fire. Not as I orginaly thought fear of starting fires. So, if they asked you what do think of fire, and you said anything like, I realy like puting out fires and fire can hurt people so they need to be controled. yo got a check mark by arsonphobia.

Know if you where a slacker or none-committal and gave a buch of answers like, I don't know never thought about it or uh... what ever. You got the normal check mark.

I would like to see how they set up the one for EOD Techs.
lol :-)

Anonymous said...

?! Wha the? People do say some of the stupidest things sometimes. But, I do wonder-- are they saying that homosexuals are more courageous and capable of handling a crisis situation? And mischievous does not a sociopath make:) Just sayin'.
TOTWTYTR's comment about Captain Tightpants made me laugh-- rilly rilly hard. *snicker*

Captain Tightpants said...

Oh trust me, the whole thing has been met with much amusement on the part of the community - leading to a great many laughs, comments and jokes in the short time we've been aware of it. Bomb guys tend to have good senses of humor & thick skins, so I think all will take it as such.

But yes, as pointed out, many times the biases of the questioner are apparent in the results of such surveys...