“May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”

"This report is maybe 12-years-old. Parliament buried it, and it stayed buried till River dug it up. This is what they feared she knew. And they were right to fear because there's a whole universe of folk who are gonna know it, too. They're gonna see it. Somebody has to speak for these people. You all got on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place. So now I'm asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything I know this, they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, 10, they'll swing back to the belief that they can make people . . . better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave." ~ Captain Malcom Reynolds

Thursday, October 24, 2013

You just can't make this stuff up...

I present to you the following example of a recent call:

"Complainant advised she found a suspicious metal object in the middle of the roadway. She picked it up to prevent a car from hitting it, thinks it looks strange and that it may be an explosive object inside. Complainant has taken the object to her house but is afraid to put it in the trash because she doesn't want the trash can to explode. Requests someone to come look at it."

This is why I'll always have job security.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Video killed the EOD star...

Tonight my six year old daughter got into an extensive debate with me that the pictures I was showing her from work COULDN'T be real explosives, because they didn't look like the TNT in her video games...