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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The hits just keep on coming

Guess you could call this a follow-up to yesterday's post, these were the selections from today's stop (during part 1 of 5 attempts to get home on time):

Me - "I understand you don't have the registration to this car, I stopped you because these plates don't belong on it in the first place."

Citizen - "But I just bought it last month, I promise I'm going to DMV this week!"

Me - "And when were you going to get insurance on it?" (This is called playing a hunch, and frequently...)

Citizen - "I had it on the other car, I just need to switch it over. Can't you just cut me a break?"

Which then led to a long tirade as the car was being towed away...

Does anyone else have these conversations in law enforcement, or is it just me?


Front Porch Society said...


One night, a guy we stopped had no current tags, no current insurance, and Dl was being suspended in 3 days time. He claimed he had gone to the DMV that morning to get new tags but just hadn't put them on yet.

The kicker? The day was a holiday. The DMV was closed. He didn't like me too much when I called his BS story and nailed him for everything. I think he ended up with close to $500 in fines.

Bet he won't be using the "I just went this morning and haven't put them on yet" excuse again anytime soon! haha!!

Dori said...

j-o-b s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y

Keep 'em coming...baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Officer "Smith" said...

I assure you, it is NOT just you.