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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to on-topic...

In an effort to #1, actually do a bit of police blogging & #2, not be a whiner, here's a little catch-up...
and yes, I know most people don't read blogs on Sunday, but it will be here for later.

So, for the last bits of real police work I mentioned recently - as I've discussed before, I still get out a few times a month working some of our DUI specials & hunting for drunks. It's something I enjoy doing - not being tied to the radio answering calls like the road guys, and taking a break from my other bits of stuff on the bomb squad; just getting to drive around and find folks who need a trip to jail. Plus, obviously, I like getting drunks off the road before they (hopefully) hurt anyone.

Well, last week's adventure was a two-fer. Started out with a find nice & early that night... guy driving around on his moped. Why on his moped - because his license is already suspended for DUI #1... Well, I pulled him over & was immediately struck by three things. #1 being the fact his breath was enough to almost make ME drunk five feet away, and #2 & 3 being the large, open bottles in the little carrying area of his moped that he's sipping from as he freaking drives down the road. In police work we call this a "clue." So, we go through the rest of or normal pre-arrest fun & yep this guy is over the limit easily. The amusing part came when it was time to put the bracelets on him... it turned into the full collection of excuses as to WHY he couldn't be arrested for driving drunk on a moped, and it just wasn't fair...

Yep - well, a fair is something with rides & pig contests... don't drive drunk, ride drunk, etc. & we won't have to worry about it!

Anyway, that took a few hours of processing & everything else. Then, it was back on the road - I had a couple of hours left working the special, so I wanted to at least put some effort into things. My "normal" lucky spots weren't panning out, so I headed down & was hitting one of the main streets when I saw one in front of me - one of those times that right away I knew this would be a drunk. Weaving all over the road, confused at stoplights, etc. - all the stuff they teach you during those first DUI classes. Of course, this is also the moment that everyone is telling their life story on the radio, so I'm stuck just following him for a couple of miles before I can even get a chance to call it in and pull him over. Fortunately, this just continues to give me more stuff that will help in the court case for how his driving was.

So we finally get pulled over, and then the fun games begin. The whole "not answering questions, redirecting statements and can't pay attention to his own answers" stuff that just gives me more, even when he thinks he's being clever. Plus, he's making the mistake of thinking that just because I'm a cop, I must be dumb. It starts with the whole "I have a college degree and a good job, you just don't understand." and continues with him trying to tell me how all the tests and everything are going to work, and what I do and don't have to let him do... Anyone care to guess how well that worked out for him?

Well, the tests only make things worse for him & soon enough my handcuffs are getting their second customer of the night. Which leads to the fun that every cop has experienced - the complete 180 degree attitude shift. We've gone from talking down to the "dumb cop" to crying, begging for mercy, I'm going to lose my job, my life, etc. etc. etc. Oh, did I forget to mention he had weed on him too? Yeah, that's suddenly a big deal as well - because that's just going to make it worse, he can't keep working with a drug conviction, and all that.... Of course, I ask him how often he smokes & he says "A couple of times a week." But apparently the thought that he could get caught at a work pee-test never crossed his mind - it was just my whole "picking on" him thing that is ruining his little world... And I had to listen to him crying like this for the rest of the processing.

Anyway, that was the night of fun, just wanted to finally get the story of sorts up.

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