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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh, really?

So had a DUI and refusal case come up in court today - nice, clean case, no issues to it at all.

The defense attorney (who I haven't run into before today) starts the fun by asking the prosecutor if they can just plead to a reckless driving charge - with a rapid response of "You're kidding, right?" He then says "Oh, well the judge used to be a defense attorney, I'll get this kicked in five minutes."

Now, while by no means a perfect person, I do pride myself on my DUI cases - I don't make questionable arrests or bring weak crap to court. I have a very good record of convictions on them as well, reflecting the time and effort I put into these things.

So - expecting this guy to try and challenge every bit of the case when it's time to cross examine, I make sure to include all my needed details and statements and such when I'm testifying; doing my job of painting the judge a very clear picture of what took place on the night in question. When it comes his turn to start not only does he not put any evidence on, his "big win" turned into two quick questions which were an attempt to mitigate the apparent attitude of the client as opposed to anything else. The judge then very matter-of-factly declared the guilty findings and imposed the penalties.

I stayed professional, but trust me it was tempting to ask the attorney as I left "So, how'd that plan work out for you?"


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Daddy Hawk said...

I can hear the post trial conversation between attorney and client now.

Client: "You said it was a sure thing."

Attorney: "Uhhhh...

Client: "UHHHH? That's all you've got Mr. The Judge Used To Be A Defense Attorney?"

Attorney: "I really have to go now."

Client: "Geee, how nice. I wish I could seeing as how I'm sitting here CUFFED on my way to Jail."

Attorney: "I'll send you my invoice for services rendered."

Client: "Services rendered???? Bailiff, your about to witness a murder."

Wandering Soul said...

Where's the like button on Erickson's comment!?! ;)

Glad you won the case. We have a judge down here who is about as liberal as they come. She is known as Judge Hug-a-Thug and, the majority of the time, she sides with the criminals.