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Friday, February 19, 2010

Gear notes

Did a few swaps this week for those who care about such.

Given the number of folks who've been having issues with the Blackhawk CQC series I've swapped out for a Blade-tech holster. Well-made, secure hold on the weapon, and releases easily on the draw. Also lets you reholster afterwards easily. Pricier than some of the other kydex holsters out there, but the quality is worth it & they have been in the business a long while and know their stuff. I like this one, so next will be taking care of getting one for the light mount and replacing one other CQC in the inventory.

Also switched out the stubby foregrip on my M4 with one of the new Magpul AFG grips. Took a little bit of tweaking to set it up at the length I wanted, but I'm definitely pleased with the results. It allows you to hold the rifle at a bit more of a comfortable angle, and still effectively work at both single and multiple targets. Like most Magpul gear it's well made at a very reasonable price - in my opinion these guys continue to be one of the best companies out there making new gear and concepts in the tactical world. It is funny though - with everything I've done building the rifle it's pretty much an ad for Noveske and Magpul products. I like them both because they work.

No other new items in the toolbox right now, so that's it for updates.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at those AFG foregrips. And for the price, I may just have to splurge. Oh look, I need more rail covers. And the ACS stock I've been wanting to get!

Captain Tightpants said...

Switched over to the ACS stock a bit back & haven't regretted it since. The cheek weld is better, and it puts a bit more balance back towards the rear of the rifle. Definitely worth the money if you have the chance.

Anonymous said...

OK, you're not helping here! Hehheh. Well, it's on my wishlist, and its a pretty fair price on it. So probably just going to have to just go for it!