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Friday, November 6, 2009

Good wishes please

My wife's father had a bit of an accident today, and will be going in for surgery tomorrow. I know that she would appreciate any prayers and good thoughts you could send that way.

I have other stuff to post about but think it will wait for tomorrow when we are all more rested.


randompawses said...

Please keep us posed on how he and the family are doing. Good vibes coming your way ASAP!

Dori said...

Just to give everyone that painful cringe...he slipped and fell down the hill, rupturing his left quadricep and pulling it away from the knee in the process. He told me he heard it rip. So, surgery this morning at some point to sew everything back together. He's not a man to sit around and recuperate well. At this point maybe prayers for my mom are in order...

Thanks, Pawses! I'll send out emails at some point.

randompawses said...

"Painful cringe" is right! Yikes! That hurts just thinking about it! Best of luck to him (and your mom) on recovery!

Bob S. said...


Thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery. Also for comfort to your family.

clady said...

I hope all goes well for his surgery. What an awful thing to have happen.

I pray that he recovers quickly.