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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whole Foods Market Win

I know at various times I, like other bloggers, have used this opportunity to vent my frustrations with a business over their policies - one of the joys of an open society is that we can share such thoughts. This time is the other way, where I am going to compliment one.

I've enjoyed shopping at our local Whole Foods Market since they opened - they get the win in every area but the butcher shop, and that's only because we have another local spot which is a hair better in my book (although WFM still beats a regular grocer hands down for it!) Sure, many laugh at some of the "hippy" elements of the store & customer base, but overall I have found it a nice grocery for the organic, upscale or just otherwise uncommon items.

Well, now I'm going to go out of my way to shop there more. It seems the head of the company went and put an editorial in the Wall Street Journal about the whole health-care reform debate. In doing so he apparently caused a bit of a stink among the "typical liberal fanbase" as it were, who were OMG shocked that someplace they shopped didn't support the collectivist plan.

What I find really interesting is that Mr. Mackey absolutely agrees the current system is broken - he just then goes on to say look folks, #1 the Constitution and reality both address the fact that health care (as in treatment provided by others) is not a right, but a responsibility of the individual and the market; and #2 that the last thing we need is another gargantuan government program to sink generations deeper into debt. He doesn't say that our current system is all sunshine and flowers, he doesn't say we don't need fixes - he just says that the plan being pushed ain't the way folks. But the fact he refuses to drink the kool-aid has the other side in a tizzy.

As everyone knows, where we spend our money helps support companies that believe as we do. I'm sure Mr. Mackey and I have disagreements on plenty of issues, being individuals after all - but the fact that he feels strongly on this, and has the courage to stand out and say so, means he will get more of my business in the future.


Front Porch Society said...

It is always nice to support local businesses that understand the REALITY of our current situation and are willing to be vocal about it instead of just going along with all the ultra-liberals out there.

Dori said...

Everybody agrees the system's broken. Where's his solution? My mama always told me to quit whining if I wasn't going to do something about it. At least he actually came off like he's read the health care proposal before he spoke. Unlike others. From Alaska.