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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well done to the Administraion

While all who know me know my general thoughts regarding D.C. right now, I am going to step out here and give full credit to the Administration for pushing this issue through:

Federal agencies will soon have the option of hiring certain military spouses without having them compete for jobs, under new guidelines issued by the Obama administration Wednesday.

The guidelines apply to the spouses of military service members relocating for new assignments, some physically disabled spouses, and those whose husband or wife was killed in the line of duty. They will be able to apply for a federal job and ask that recruiters allow them to bypass the traditional hiring process. (from Blackfive)

Back when I was in the service my wife couldn't even GET a job on the base due to the status-of-forces agreement, much less get preference for one. Coming back to the States wasn't any better. And, as others observed, with the pressures of transfers and deployments many businesses are wary of hiring military spouses only to lose them in a few years. The chance for these spouses to have an improved opportunity for a well-paying job in order to help their families and further their own careers is long overdue.

Well done.

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AmyLoopers said...

Yeah, because then your wife would have to resort to slinging beers in the local pub and then might even end up with a friend she couldn't shake even after moving two hours away. OH, wait... :)

It does sound like a good thing---albeit past due in my humble opinion.