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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lesson learned

Apparently lawnmower and similar engines don't do well with newer gasoline & the higher ethanol content. Our old mower has died an ignominious death, and now been replaced - with the new mower having a very prominent "don't use high ETOH in this" set of warnings about the documentation and mower itself.

Good to know now. Would have been even nicer to know six months ago with the old one.


Chad said...

There's a website out there that tells you where you can buy non-ethanol gas. Nearest one to me is an hour away though damnit

RabidAlien said...

Frikkin hippies. Wonder if they're happy now that their "wonder gas" is killin all our engines. Hmm...guess where those dead engines are going....landfill!

eriko said...

Chad the website is

JohnMXL said...

Riders of air-cooled motorcycles have been (mostly) aware of this for some time.

Here in Corn Country you are branded a heretic if you speak ill of teh Gasohol. Guess that makes me a heretic.

Besides, by the time you turn the food into a fuel additive, you've invested more energy than you get from the end product.

Kinda like those people who drive Leafs and Volts think they are saving the environment by not burning fuel to drive their cars.

Mrs. Widget said...

yea we had a talk with the shop when we got a new tiller. Hubby told the guy where the pure gas is. Funny in a border state which is an oil state the stations proudly proclaim "no ethanol".