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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Class and respect

In general I don't follow, post or care about the activities of the various celebrities. I subscribe to the "Dancing Monkey" belief put forth by Jennifer in terms of their relative importance to the real world and current events.

However I came across a picture today while reading a follow up story which I felt deserved comment and acknowledgement:

This is Justin Timberlake, attending the Marine Corps Ball last week with Corporal Kelsey De Santis. People have already published the story of the invitation extended to Mr. Timberlake and his acceptance of the chance. That in itself is worthy of commendation, particularly in today's entertainment world. But that in itself is not what I felt worthy of note.

Look at this picture. Mr. Timberlake is standing respectfully, with his hand over his heart during the National Anthem - not joking around, laughing or otherwise being disrespectful. He isn't hogging the spotlight, he isn't turning this into a public spectacle - he is giving his hosts and his partner every bit of courtesy and honor due for the moment. Additionally he took the time to write his own reflection of the events afterwards, which was equally well done.

I couldn't name a single one of Mr. Timberlake's songs if you paid me to, I don't know what he does or doesn't do to stay in the spotlight and I don't care. With his actions in accepting the invitation, and his dignified performance during the event, he has shown me that he is a man of class and character. Would that we had more like him.

Well done sir, well done.

Well done sir, well done.


Rev. Paul said...

Agreed. Whatever else he is or does, he kept his word, and paid honor to whom honor is due.

That speaks volumes.

Nick said...

I remember reading this article, and being struck by how down to earth and kind he seemed.

Under no obligation, he chose to spend his night with a Marine, one of his fans, and didn't turn it into some sort of publicity stunt, promotion, or any other sort of self-serving nonsense.

My respect for this man grew 100% that day.

Meadowlark said...

Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't read what he wrote. Other than him calling us "soldiers", I was moved.


Phelps said...

Not that it's his main line, but with the holidays coming up I would be remiss if I didn't link this Timberlake classic:


Phelps said...

To be clear, I'm not linking it to cheapen what Timberlake did. He was in no way flip at the event and should be appreciated for that.

But his work with Samberg is hilarious.

MSgt B said...

Some Justin Timberlake music...


Sorry man, had to do it.

Jeff said...

It's good to see. Good acts are their own reward. Well done Mr Timberlake.

Wandering Soul said...

Wow - Gotta say, I am greatly impressed with his display of respect. Definitely not something seen from those in Hollywood very often!