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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


From Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man - apparently they are planning a remake of the classic Rocky Horror Picture show.

Apostasy! Unbelievers!

Look - there have been movies and songs I have greatly enjoyed the remake of over the years. Ones where I think that a new aspect is well explored, or just a fresh take is nice. Things like Oceans 11, Casino Royale and such come to mind.

Certain other things Are. Not. To. Be. Touched.

I can still remember losing my RHPS virginity at a midnight showing years ago in college; and many other fun nights attending the movie and even a few times playing in the cast. To this day my wife and I can still quote our lines as we occasionally watch the DVD for laughs. Hopefully someday down the road when the kids are older we will be able to introduce them to the same joys.

No one will replace Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter, much less the other cast bits. New technology or CGI will in no way improve upon the pure intentional cheesiness of the sets and effects. Quite simply, whatever they do can't be better.

They fling around fatwas and condemnations for everything else - perhaps we need one here!


Meadowlark said...

The BASTARDS!!!!!!! Anybody else would destroy the sanctity of this movie. Which sounds overblown, but seriously, who else could deliver this line like Tim Curry?

Magenta: I ask for nothing!
Frank: And you shall receive it, IN ABUNDANCE!

sigh... what's the world coming to. :(

Daddy Hawk said...

The audience's lines are what make the whole show. How do you do a remake and get the same cult following that results in the crowd simultaneously saying:

Where do you buy your pot? "Columbia"
What's your favorite color? "Magenta"

Or throwing toast at the right time?

suz said...


What's great about this movie is that it's SO AWFUL! They can't make it worse (not effectively anyway,) making it better would ruin it! It's pointless! Sacreligious! My first viewing was at the Biograph, for God's sake! My entire generation needs to be dead and gone LONG before anybody touches that movie!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not.

There is no re-making. Nope. It will fail heinously if they do because no one will go.

The earth will split and the heavens will rain fire.

And I have two words for the morons who are thinking of it:
Susan Sarandon.