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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Working conditions

We've been experiencing a bit of disgruntlement at work lately amongst the rank and file... Some of it is economy-based (no raises, cuts in training budgets etc due to lack of funds), but honestly IMHO most of it is stupidity-based. A few officers have done some tragically, even criminally stupid stuff recently, the department has had to make some blanket changes and policies to address them, and folks aren't seeing the big picture. I've done what I can to share my thoughts with coworkers, but a lot of it will just take time and perspective. No place is perfect, but honestly a LOT of agencies have it much worse than us.

For example, take the Philadelphia Police Department. They've spent the past six months working without a contract, due to union negotiations, and have finally got one in place. Which puts them under conditions I can't even imagine.

Sure, they keep their healthcare. No raises this year, but they get small ones the next two. A few other provisions for both sides. But here's the big one:

The city & department have the ability at will to furlough any officer, without reason, for 30 days a year. No pay, no pension contributions or any of that, and no justification - just because they want to save some money, and here's a way to do it. Never mind the effect on public safety, officer safety, or morale.

Imagine at YOUR job if tomorrow your boss could say "Oh, by the way, you're off all of January, have fun and hope those bills aren't too much for you." Imagine how most people would react if a company had that policy. But somehow it is acceptable here.

Yet another of the many reasons you will never see me working under a union system.


Julie said...

The city & department have the ability at will to furlough any officer, without reason, for 30 days a year. wow - that's pretty awful. I'm amazed that a union agreed to this type of condition.

Meadowlark said...

Sounds like they have a pretty sh*tty union...that was the best they could bargain for? Cripes.