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"This report is maybe 12-years-old. Parliament buried it, and it stayed buried till River dug it up. This is what they feared she knew. And they were right to fear because there's a whole universe of folk who are gonna know it, too. They're gonna see it. Somebody has to speak for these people. You all got on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place. So now I'm asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything I know this, they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, 10, they'll swing back to the belief that they can make people . . . better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave." ~ Captain Malcom Reynolds

Saturday, July 4, 2009


For all that you'll read cops gossiping and griping about the antics of citizens, we are about ten times worse when it's one of our own - trust me, it makes a family reunion look tame by comparison! Should one of our own mess up, do something stupid, or just be boneheaded we tend to be much less forgiving than we would of others.

So you can imagine the irony I felt yesterday backing up another officer on a stop, and walking him through the procedures of a pretty simple marijuana arrest. Sure, for a new guy it might be a bit to remember, but this was a pretty experienced officer.... who just happens to run one of the department drug dogs. The trouble is, he's been so busy the past few years finding dope for others that he had forgotten what to do when he found it on his own!

Now, I wasn't mean - I certainly helped him handle everything for the arrest and get on his way. But you can bet this will come up in a good teasing moment later....


Front Porch Society said...

Most definitely we are worse than a family reunion!

About a month ago, we rolled up to back up the K9 Officer on a traffic stop. Suspended license so the officer goes to put him in cuffs. Only he forgot to put his cuffs and his back-up pair of cuffs on his duty belt before leaving the PD earlier that afternoon. And we caught it all on dash-cam! hehe!! :)

He whispered to us to use ours. We gave them to him letting him know full well that we would be sharing this story with everyone within the next 5 minutes. And we did. :) And he got crap ALL night long!

Gotta love those kind of moments!

Carteach said...

Ha! You should see how we teachers go on! Snark without reprieve, till its time to back each other up.

On the other hand.... when I am dealing with a class of 50 testosterone burbling 12th grade young men, and fists start flying.... I am REAL glad I've got experienced people behind me.

The bonding can be harsh, but BOY, is it fun!