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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Long but worth reading

Former police officer David Klinger moved on to the mental health profession following law enforcement and a shooting incident he was involved in. He recently completed a study examining the effects and attitudes of officers who are involved in deadly force incidents. The results were different than he expected, and I personally think both his summary and the whole study are worth examining. Particularly given some of the recent press and public perceptions regarding deadly force and police behaviors things like this are important for citizens to understand and for us to discuss as a society.

I'll withhold my commentary for now so as not to drive your perceptions, but I hope you find the articles informative.

"What I Learned After I Killed a Criminal"

"Police Responses to Officer Involved Shootings"

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Old NFO said...

Both of those are excellent and put paid to the mantra of cops WANTING to shoot... THanks!