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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Avoid Bank of America

This has been confirmed through several resources:

From McMillan's Facebook account.... in their words:
 McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Group International have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years. Today Mr. Ray Fox, Senior Vice President, Market Manager, Business Banking, Global Commercial Banking came to my office. He scheduled the meeting as an “account analysis” meeting in order to evaluate the two lines of credit we have with them. He spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories. At this point I interrupted him and asked “Can I possible save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.” “That is correct” he says.
 Several years ago we had an account with Bank of America which was closed following errors on their part. During this time we found their customer service to be beyond horrible. Since then we have used other banks, and currently are very happy with Wells Fargo - who to date has defined great customer service in a bank for us. Given my history, as well as actions like this, you may rest assured that BofA will see zero of my money for any transaction ever again. 

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RabidAlien said...

This doesn't surprise me. I had BofA when I first joined the Navy...they screwed up my allotment, stated that it was their fault, and expected me to pay all of the overdraft/bounced-check fees. After an hour arguing with progressively higher-paid "managers", I finally got one to agree that the party at fault was the one that should pay...ie, them. The manager condescendingly told me that they would pay it this time, but the next time THEY screwed up, it would be me paying. I told them I would make sure it didn't happen again. I had to interrupt his supercilious "it better not" speech by telling him that I was transferring from Idaho Falls (one bank in town) to San Diego (many banks in town) and would be moving my account as soon as I could. That happened to be to a Wells Fargo. I've been very happy with them ever since. I won't even use a BofA ATM these days...they're not collecting an ATM fee from me.