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Thursday, December 23, 2010

No, she's not named Vera...

So while waiting around for some items to be delivered this morning I had a chance to do a bit of shooting at the range - nothing for qualifications or work, just a chance to unwind and enjoy myself for a few minutes. Which got me to thinking that as a nominal "gunblogger" I have yet to post any bits & pieces about my rifle build. Those of you not into shooting will be bored, but here she is:

Noveske N4 Light upper & lower receiver, with the VLTOR VIS rail on the upper, with a 14.5" barrel & pinned Vortex flash hider. Magpul ACS stock, MIAD grip and AFG fore grip. The optic is an EOTEC XPS3-0. Entire thing treated with Duracoat. Sling is a Vickers/BFG. Internals are mostly stock with the exception of a Timney trigger and a Bravo Company Gunfighter charging handle.

Every piece in it was chosen for reliability & quality - can't really think of anything where I chose to skimp just to afford something. Probably took me about two years total to get everything together the way I like it, including tweaking a number of things as I went.

She'll shoot in the same hole at 50 yards if I do my work. The trigger is a dream without being too sensitive. Definitely a joy to take to the range & very glad I put the time into it.

And nope, not offering to trade her for anyone's wife either - I am doing fine on that score as well.


Community RN said...


Sorry what I fell Asleep...


Hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday!


Anonymous said...

Damn fine build. I'd love to trade my MOE stock for the ACS. And until I save up enough for an EOTech, I'm running with a Vortex Strikefire.

Hey, did you get my email with a license key?

Jon said...

Nice piece of gear Sean. I've been debating between an EOTECH and an ACOG for sometime now. Currently I've just got Irons, and to be fair, I can't complain about the irons at all.

Just never done spending money. The problem is the money put into an optic could buy me another gun (or in the case of an ACOG, two, or maybe three, depending on how you streach it. Or a nice chunk of ammo...)

And there are just never too many guns ;)

Captain Tightpants said...

Community RN - hey, I warned the non-shooters early in the post, the nap is your fault!

Pirateking - Thanks, and yes I got the key. Much appreciated.

Jon - I have run an Aimpoint T1 and the EOTECH on this rifle, and have shot ACOGs on others. Personally I don't care for the ACOG at all (YMMV) - I don't pick up the target as fast, and the field of view is a bit tighter than I like for that kind of shooting. The Aimpoint isn't bad, but I just find I shoot the EOTECH better - my groups are tighter, speed of acquisition is much improved, and I like the wide field of view. I keep my back-up irons on it of course, and don't mind them at all - but once you try a modern optic you will be hooked.

Dori said...

Vera or not...it's still good to have Jayne on your side...

Firelady said...

The only problem is that both EOTech and ACOG are overpriced. Thanks to a buddy, I've been able to try out the Lucid HD7 and I love it. Brightness settings with auto-dim mode, takes 1 AAA battery, auto-off @ 2 hours, 4 reticle patterns... It's all I'll need for a while. Best thing is it's holding up to abuse very well and is under $250 (including 2x magnifier).

Also, Cpt Tightpants? WTH???

Captain Tightpants said...

A joke from one of the Firefly episodes, that's all... figured it was time for a change!