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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Timing is Everything

Like the rest of the blogosphere, May is home improvement month apparently...

Well, sometime yesterday I decided to play host to an ickybug that wants to have fun with my stomach, head, and whole achy body... on a day I'm supposed to have training along with all the other junk.

So when do I decide it's a good time to pull out the old bathtub and install a new one (which has been waiting for a year) - yep, today. When I called in sick, and can barely make it across the house without dizziness.

The project started well - had 90% of what I needed on hand, which is about 40% more than normal. The initial removal-of-old-material was going according to plan...

But of course, when dealing with a house assembled by drunken, ignorant, malicious and incompetent chimpanzees, things are never as easy as you hope.

It started with having to drill out a few fittings where the screws had corroded - relatively normal. Then we find that the drywall was added OVER a few things instead of around... even more fun.

Then we get to the real fun. Our 1930's house has the cast iron tub installed directly on some joists... no subfloor, not properly anchored or anything. So now I have to HOPE a big pipe wrench is going to loosen this last fitting, plus I have to find a way to lever it out without destroying the rest of the room in the process, and then move the danged thing.

Yeah, today was the day to start this project. I'm a flipping genius sometimes.

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David said...

That's the fun with home improvements ... they rarely go as planned. Don't worry, when/if you screw something up you can always go back to Home Depot and buy it again. The next time you'll do it better (or you'll make yet another trip to the Depot). Good Luck.