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Saturday, April 28, 2018

EBay Would Rather Support Fraud and Theft Than Help Sellers

Yes, you read the title right.

No, it is not spam, or false, or libel - it is in fact an accurate representation of their corporate policies, as I have now discovered.

I know many people have issues with some of EBay's rules, policies and the like in regards to 2nd ammendment topics in particular - and I don't disagree. Be that as it may, they are the 800-pound gorilla in the online auction world, and until this week I used them as a way to dispose of numerous bits of old, unwanted gear and equipment in return for some extra cash.

Then I found out that you, the seller, don't matter in the least to their customer service policies.

I sold an item, shipped it to the "buyer" (in a box with security tape over the seams)... who then claimed that the box did NOT contain the purchased item. Who provided pictures showing the tape certainly had NOT been tampered with prior to his receipt, yet magically the property I placed within disappeared in transit. So, as this is now a "he said/he said" dispute, I attempt to use the EBay resolution process to find a common ground.

Let me summarize what that resolution process actually entails. Buyer claims item is lost/damaged/wrong/whatever in a statement. EBay notifies the seller. EBay then refunds the buyers money from your account, with you as a seller having ZERO ability to dispute or challenge this. I confirmed this with a lengthy (and upsetting) call to a customer service drone - who stated my sole recourse is to file a postal service claim and *possibly* receive compensation that way. This, despite my before and after photos of the box, despite my conflicting statement regarding the material sent, and despite a years-long record of sales with zero complaint.

Don't believe me? Do a simple browser search for EBay doing the same to numerous sellers worldwide - sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars in merchandise being stolen or fraudulantly claimed as damaged.

In fact, there is absolutely NOTHING EBay will do to protect you as a seller - an individual can bid on and purchase an item, receive it, then claim the box was empty or the item damaged and their full purchase price will be refunded. This was confirmed to me by the very customer service representative I spoke with, mouthing the flowchart script about having to trust people and accept their statements. Now, I'm not saying the seller should get automatic credence either - buyer deserve to know they will receive the merchandise they paid for, in reasonable condition. However, it is completely insane to not extend equal protections to those attempting to market their wares.

Oh - and, for most of these cases, lacking *very* compelling evidence, you don't have enough grounds to pursue a criminal case in a dispute such as this.

I would go on, but I don't want to get spun up again.

Caveat emptor? More like, "Let the SELLER beware." EBay will not see any more sales from me, nor will I use their services to purchase items. I realize I'm a fraction of a fraction of their business, but I refuse to do anything at all to support a company which won't make any efforts to help their customers.